Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.
- Albert Einstein

Our Story

Established in 1992, People & Strategy was reinvented in 2005 under its Managing Director, Kathy Hilyard. The firm works with clients on large scale strategic and operational change projects as well as providing consulting, facilitation and development services to teams and individuals.

We are passionate about leadership excellence and instilling professional cultures that support the achievement of real outcomes.

Our philosophy is guided by a strong drive to be creative, innovative and relevant in our dealings with our clients.

“How do you build teams and organisations that deliver real outcomes, align the efforts of people towards these outcomes, leverages strengths ... and create a great, high performing culture in the process?”

Facilitating the process of organisations, teams and individuals realsing their potential and contributing to the cultivation of an excellent society - this is our passion, this is what excites and drives us.

People & Strategy is a collection of professionals, working as a team to encourage and promulgate excellence in organisations and particularly public sector organisations.  

The term

"facilitating excellence"

holds real meaning for us.  We want to see our clients achieve excellence (high standards, ethically sound and contextually appropriate) we also strive for excellence in all we do.  Our approach to our work can be characterised as facilitation - we are excellent process facilitators, we work with groups faciltiating processe to achieve outcomes, we tend not to see ourselves as imposing our expertise on people and organisations, rather we faciltiate the coming together of experts, expertise, information, research, evidence and collaborative practices to achieve great things.

We are heavily relationship focused so many of our clients stay with us for years, engaging us as partners in harnessing the potential of their organisation and their people. Click here to read more about our approach.

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Our Blog


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